Krystalyn Shamanic Yoga

Embrace the Wisdom Within

From a tender age, I sensed a deeper understanding and wisdom within me that many take a lifetime to harness. Perhaps it’s the cosmic gift of perception or simply an innate intuition that has guided me. My journey, though not always linear, has been filled with insights that have crystallized my perspective on the human experience.

The Cyclical Path to Enlightenment

The journey towards enlightenment is cyclical. As we progress, layers upon layers of our past traumas, fears, and patterns are peeled away. Yet, it’s essential to acknowledge that challenges will persist. There might still be days of depression, or relationships might still pose their difficulties. But with each challenge faced, we’re not left defenseless. Now, we possess the tools, the resilience, and the confidence to confront them head-on, without fear or confusion.

Navigating Life’s Mountains

It’s not about eliminating all obstacles. It’s about acquiring the skills and the mindset to navigate through them. Each challenge is like a mountain. Once conquered, there’s a bigger one awaiting. But with every ascent, there’s profound liberation and freedom.

This freedom is what I aim for, not just for myself but for every soul I guide. It’s the reason I approach this content with such fervor, urging each one of us to aim for that peak of total liberation.

An Approach Rooted in Tradition

Krystalyn’s teachings are deeply rooted in Shamanic Practices, Vajrayana, and Tantric philosophies.

Shamanic Practices



Transformative Experiences

My offering to you is not just a practice but a transformative experience. It’s a holistic companionship through life’s spirals. Together, we aim to not just navigate but also to master, ensuring that every twist and turn brings us closer to our truest selves.

Rise, Transform, and Aim for the Highest

Together, we will traverse these layers, climb these mountains, and aim for the highest peaks of spiritual awakening

Let’s Embark on This Journey Together

Let’s rise, let’s transform, let’s aim for the highest together.

Are you ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery and transformation? Join me, and together, we’ll reach for the highest peaks of spiritual awakening. Let’s connect and illuminate your path towards a brighter, more joyful life.

Please join me for one of my offerings:

– School Yoga Institute Yoga Teacher Training

– SYI Deep Dive Yoga Retreats

– Tantra & Tattoos Retreats

– Journey To Grace Community